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Highly Experienced English Tutor

My name is Tony Smith, and I offer a flexible and competitive tutoring service for the Preston area. I am dedicated to the attainment of the students I work with and try to present my subject specialism in an exciting and dynamic way.

Why Tony?

"It was great to have the 1-to-1 connection with a person who knew what they were talking about. Tony understands that everyone learns in different ways and I would highly recommend his tuition."

"School predicted that I would get a C in my GCSEs. However after a few sessions with Tony I grew in confidence and left school with a B in English Language."

"Tony's friendly teaching style and brilliant subject knowledge helped me immensely during my GCSEs. I was predicted a C and came away with an A thanks to Tony."

Tony's Education

  • PGCE English, Drama and Media StudiesSt. Martins College, Lancaster
  • MA Language StudiesLancaster University
  • BA (Hons.) English LanguageUniversity of Central Lancashire Preston

Tony's Revision Tips

  • Create your own space, and turn off that iPhone!Make sure you have a dedicated place where you can work undisturbed.
  • Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water.Hydration is key. You're able to think clearer the more hydrated you are.
  • Get others involved and have some fun whilst revising.Revise with a friend, or a family member, and have them ask you questions.

Pricing & Availability

Tony is available for hire at just £22 per hour. Sessions can be arranged by getting in touch using one of the methods below.

Call Tony07545628210

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

— Albert Einstein